Assam Property Tax- How to Pay online step-by-step guide

Before we are going to talk about Assam Property Tax we have to know what is Assam Property Tax ?

Residents of all Metropolitan Bodies and Municipal Boards who owned property such as plots and apartments are required to pay Tax to the corporation. Commonly, this real estate Tax is known as property Tax.

How to Pay Assam Property Tax

There is a total of 6 zones under the kamrup district. Central, Dispur, East, Lokhra, South, and west zone. All the residents under these 6 zones need to pay their Property tax on their immovable property like buildings, lands, etc.

Guwahati metropolitan corporation recently introduced a property tax-paying software called Quick Pay. Here is the process of how to pay your property tax using the quick pay service and get the money receipt.

  1. To use the QuickPay service you must have the current year Bill Number. With the holding number, you can pay your property tax online through the below-mentioned link.
  2. Quick Pay link to make Property Tax

3. Enter the Bill No or Holding Number and click on Go. Then a new window will pop up where you will able to see all the bill details.

4. If you have pending Tax to be paid then you will able to see all the unpaid Bills, where you can make the payment by clicking on Pay Now button.

5. Once you click on the pay now button you will be redirected to the Payment Gateway page.

6. Once you have made the payment your receipt will be automatically generated for future reference.

7. To get the money receipt you need to visit to the link here.

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